Why Choose The Wade Tactical L/S Fund?

Provides investors of all sizes access to a "core" mutual fund that can:

  • Provide risk-adjusted returns that may result in an improved accumulation of wealth for long-term goals.
  • Lessen the impact of bear markets by the utilization of a contrarian investment style, holdings that provide the benefits of low correlation to each other and the flexibility of a varied exposure to equities over market cycles.
  • Be an exceptional choice for investors seeking a highly diversified fund, invested in a broad array of asset classes, allowing the investor to capture the potential benefits of multi asset class diversification all in a single fund.
  • Utilize low cost passive securities in asset categories that have proven to provide investors reliable, market like returns.
  • Utilize actively managed securities in asset categories that have proven to provide investors returns that may beat their respective asset class benchmarks.
  • Utilize individual stocks that pass the advisor’s ConVal® (contrarian value) screens.
  • Assist investors who have experienced poor results, either via self-directing their money and/or having worked with “professional advice” (used loosely).
  • Satisfy the requirements of a Qualified Default Investment Alternative in ERISA-covered retirement plans.

The Fund is not appropriate for investors with short time horizons (less than 3 years) or investors seeking aggressive growth.

The Investors Challenge

Choosing and maintaining a long-term investment strategy is far easier said than done.

The Wade Tactical L/S Fund seeks to help investors break out of the mindset of buying high and selling low that leads so many individuals, and even many investment professionals, to achieve unsatisfactory returns for the risks taken.

The billion dollar-advertising budget of Wall Streets marketing machine stacks the odds against the individual investor. Too good to be true guarantees and predictions of large returns rule the day. From unregulated hedge funds to poorly regulated annuity products to mutual fund ads touting past performance, investors are preyed upon relentlessly.

Succumbing to the ongoing pressure from Wall Street and CNBC talking heads, the largest single enemy of investors ends up being themselves. The startling fact is that the typical investor does not achieve the actual returns that mutual funds offer. This is due to poor attempts at market timing. From 1987 to 2006 the S&P 500 index earned 11% per year, while the average investor earned a mere 4% per year! The performance gap was -7% annually (1).

(1) Source: Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior by Dalbar, Inc. (July 2007) and Lipper. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

Our Approach

The fund’s advisor, Wade Financial Group, Inc. (WFG) has been managing money for high net worth investors since 1984.  Investors of all sizes now have access to WFG’s investment management skills that have previously only been available to investors with in excess of $1 million dollars.

The advisor’s ConVal® (contrarian value) investment process results in a preference to invest in securities that are out of favor with and/or go unnoticed by most investors, and are, therefore, potentially undervalued. The ConVal® process plays a major role in the selection of other investment companies and in the top down approach regarding the tactical decisions the Fund can make in regards to over or under weighting a given asset class and the equity/fixed income mix of the Fund as a whole.

The Fund looks to take advantage of investor dissatisfaction and resulting price devaluation to buy low, then wait for sentiment to change, and prices to rise, over time.

Reach Your Goals: Complimentary Financial Road Map
and Dashboards
Reach Your Goals. Get A Complimentary Roadmap

“Investors don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan”
Jerry B. Wade, CFP®, CFS, Chief Investment Officer Wade Tactical L/S Fund

At Wade Funds, we believe that the best way to achieve your financial goals is via the establishment and upkeep of a financial plan.  We call this a "Financial Roadmap".
By combining the benefits of investing in the Wade Tactical L/S Fund, with a “Financial Road Map”, you can greatly increase your odds of achieving your goals!

Having a plan + working the plan = financial success!
Psychological studies have shown that you can increase the chances of achieving your goals from zero to 50%, by simply writing your goals down.  Your odds of achieving your financial goals then can increase to 90%, if you then implement the needed steps on an ongoing basis.  Essentially: having a plan + working the plan = financial success!

What Important Goals Can A "Financial Roadmap" Address?

  • Retirement
  • Investing
  • Buying/remodeling a home
  • College planning
  • ….and many more

Your "Financial Roadmap" will provide you your “status” towards your financial success.  You will learn if you are green for go, need to still work on the goal or if progress towards your goals needs a more serious reevaluation of your financial situation.

2008 Bear Stock Market “Ravishes” Many Americans Retirement Goals
The 2008 bear stock market decline has had a large negative impact on most American’s current and future retirement plans.  The most popular goal that a "Financial Roadmap" can help you with is where do you stand, today, in regard to retirement planning.  Do you need to invest more, delay retirement or change your investment strategy?  A "Financial Roadmap" can answer these questions and help you get on track towards your financial future.

You Can Also Gain Access To An Interactive Financial Dashboard?
Once you have completed and reviewed your "Financial Roadmap", you can also gain access to the best feature of all, the “Financial Dashboard”.

You can login to your Financial Dashboard via www.wadefunds.com at anytime to update your assets, goals, financial situation, etc.

By combining the benefits of investing in the Wade Tactical L/S Fund, a “Financial Road Map” and your personalized “Financial Dashboard”, you can greatly increase your odds of achieving your goals!

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